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The Historic Wholelife Expo

Since 1981, Wholelife has been one of the pioneers and leaders in the Quality of Life marketplace, producing over one hundred expositions and conferences, serving over 10,000 customers (authors, practitioners, artists, conscious businesses and NGO’s) and gathering over two million attendees across the USA.

The Quality of Life Marketplace is driven by a community of people interested in personal/professional/spiritual development, healthy and eco-centric lifestyles, conscious commerce, and global citizenry. It is one of the fastest-growing segments valued at more than $400B USD in the US (60+M adults), more than $600B globally (including 80+M adults in the EU), and served in the US by market-leading brands such as Oprah, Whole Foods, TED and more.

Wholelife is an established, recognized brand with Boomers and GenXers, while its name serves as a meme source for millennials and their preferred lifestyle choices.

After years in hiatus, Wholelife is ‘passing the baton’ to the next generation, going online and global. Wholelife has developed a business model that nurtures an online environment through Wholelife.TV alongside physical events/spaces with Wholelife City Hubs, providing a holistic ecosystem that integrates and curates content, commerce and community: WholeLife-Style.

The Wholelife Expo is poised to go Global and to pop up in cities around the world. It is time for the conscious community to become aware of each other and see/know their size. Wholelife Expo has been an essential part in the creation of the conscious marketplace in the USA, it has acted as the face to face educational space where people come together to raise awareness and understaffing around how we live, work and play, and the products and information we use and share, that allow us to live more sustainable, free and abundant lives.