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We offer you a community of teachers , healers, business leaders, spiritual entrepreneurs, magicians with sparkling eyes, champions, misfits, and makers of beauty, coming together to co-create A New World, a different world. We have been creating content, businesses, platforms, meditations, e-commerce, books and videos for over 30 years.

Imagine a world where many programs, apps, games, videos and other content are curated and created with you and for you… Creating your own spiritual dashboard, full of tools and toys that support your evolution and your life’s work. Imagine starting your day with one of your many saved guided meditations or play lists of music, moving on to a course your taking (or creating) then expanding in to your parenting experience or supporting another with theirs, moving on to the channels you follow that keep you unto date with your most important topics of interest, on into a quick I Ching in the color spa, and on and on………. It’s all here for you.

A new version of the Wholelife Expos, except. Instead of booths; we have apps, instead of lectures; we have wholelife.TV, instead of workshops; we have online courses and zoom rooms etc… Your destination for excellence, and cutting edge new world technologies and products.