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KidsEQ  is a content and merchandising company focused on Conscious Parenting with particular attention towards Emotional Literacy (EL) for children and families.

Founded in 1989 by Ayman Sawaf as a Media company, KidsEQ, known then as Enchanté Entertainment produced inspirational films, books and TV series for children with such producers as Shelly Duvall and Norman Lear, in association with companies such as Warner Brothers, Sony and HBO. It also created the Mrs Murgatroyd, Emotional Literacy series.

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KidsEQ is turning it’s focus from content to distribution through the KidsEQ E-franchise store.

KidsEQ E-franchises feature curated and unique products. Based on the traditional franchise model, it takes the best of Franchise mixed with the best of Direct Marketing to provide a sales team that sells curated items within the ‘trust circles’ they live their daily lives in. The store provides the Conscious Parent with all the products they need to bring up their children – from support in Social Emotional Learning, to Healthy and Environmentally sound products.

The Emotional Literacy Parenting certificate/training. To drive your car, you need a driving license, to become a parent you need the KidsEQ Emotional Literacy Parenting certificate or license. The new generation will be emotionally literate, intelligent and conscious. As parents take the Emotional Literacy Parenting program many of them will find themselves learning EQ alongside their kids, catching up on what they themselves missed growing up. That in turn will allow for greater success in their marriage and social/professional life.

This is an online course to prepare parents for parenthood. It is the cornerstone of the KidsEQ store and its marketing engine. For more click here.