Organic Leather

Organic Leather and beyond…

Organic Leather was birthed along with the new millennium, with the concept that Eco-Fashion had to become ‘cool and sexy’, and the industry needed to become more business minded, if it was ever going to become mainstream. It started as a leather brand, but has moor-fed into an Eco Fashion clothing brand, with Leather as a central accessory.

Organic Leather is a Brand with Purpose – we aim to curate the best Eco Fashion and personal care products available whilst supporting the many cutting edge ‘slow fashion’ producers that have AMAZING products that require some education and word of mouth promotion.

We will be using the Aytopia Brands, E-Franchise model of distribution and sales. allowing for a large sales rep organization to be created. The Franchizies will be highly motivated Eco-Fashionistas, passionate about sharing eco fashion with their friends and families, whilst making money, taking care of the environment, looking spectacular, and having great performance wear.


Cloth Infused with Dragons Breath.