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Innersense Arabia / Magic Carpet

Dubai and Jeddah might be sparkling with bright lights and fire works, but they are nothing compared to the colors and lights you’ll experience inside your head when you take a ride on our Vibrasound beds.

Innersense Arabia has acquired the exclusive licence for the MENA Region of Innersense Inc USA, a leading edge sound and light technology company base in Los Angeles CA.

Experience a rapid nervous system reset along with feelings of peace, well-being, and inter-connectedness. Our technologies bring together light, sound & vibration into one synchronized experience, creating a state of sensory resonance at the push of a button.

These products are a perfect way to introduce the public to their inner landscape. When you lay on the vibrasound bed you can be taken into a ‘samadhi state’ similar to that achieved by long time meditators, in a mater of minutes, opening the door to what is possible inside of ones self whilst having so much fun. These Devises are an incredible addition to all kinds spaces, including health clinics and spas, producing an easy and extremely effective extra revenue source and customer experience.

We have also just completed a frequency add on, allowing you to broadcast high frequency in your home from your existing devises: Check out The Magic Carpet Ride add on.

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The Magic Carpet Ride add on.

We have just completed our beta Chrome Extension: The Magic Carpet.
It is a browser extension tool, that allows you to broadcast your chosen frequencies, like, Love 528Hz, Joy 540Hz, and Happiness 420Hz, allowing you to infuse them into your music selection, or meditation. It integrates seamlessly with your existing apps like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc adding the frequency as a lower tone under the music, allowing you to listen the the frequency of joy whilst you work, or healing whilst you meditate etc… at the same time countering the low electro magnetic frequencies emitted by most devices.

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