Color Spa is a destination for all things color. The jewel of the Color Spa offerings is an interactive app called The Color Rays. Everyone wants to “know the answer”, be encouraged and advised on how to respond to the situation before them. Some go to psychics, astrologers and palm readers, some use divination systems, tarot uses cards, the I Ching – coins, the Runes – stones and the COLOUR RAYS uses color.

The Color Rays experience begins when you are prompted to ask a question and choose a color. The resulting message emerges with a video depicting that energetic “idea” expressing itself. You get the feeling, you feel the meaning. Once that first message is absorbed a second message is dropped to complement, balance and empower. The two colours then interact and prompt you to create a mantra for the day, a sentence of intention symbolised by color. The mantra can be emailed, memorialised. End game.


The creator of the Color Rays is Robyn Lee,   a spiritual teacher with 30 years  experienced in all things color. From workshops to games. Robyn is exploring and researching many other color apps from healing tools to empowerment tools, all to add even more color to the color spa list of products and services it offers.